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Une belle femme mature, portant un maquillage naturel pour estomper ses rides

The Best Anti-Aging Face Makeup Products to Smooth Wrinkles

I've put together for you my personal list of the best anti-aging face makeup products to smooth wrinkles and signs of fatigue because anti-aging makeup is a topic that I particularly care about. W...

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Choisir la couleur de son fond de teint : 5 règles indispensables

Choosing your foundation colour: 5 essential rules

For fresh and natural makeup, it is essential not only to choose the best texture of foundation, radiant and hydrating, but also to find the perfect color. Ideally, the shade of your foundation fa...

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Une belle femme mature portant un joli maquillage anti-rides très naturel

Anti-Wrinkle Makeup: My Professional Techniques for Concealing Lines

My anti-wrinkle makeup techniques from a professional makeup artist. Discover my tips for blurring and camouflaging your fine lines and obtaining a natural, fresh and luminous complexion.

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