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The Best Anti-Aging Face Makeup Products to Smooth Wrinkles

I've put together for you my personal list of the best anti-aging face makeup products to smooth wrinkles and signs of fatigue because anti-aging makeup is a topic that I particularly care about.

What does anti-aging makeup really mean? For me, it's makeup that gives us brightness and radiance while blurring and smoothing wrinkles, enlarged pores, and other signs of aging. You don't necessarily need a lot of products; a few well-chosen ones, along with the right application techniques, will suffice.

Foundation: For a Smooth and Luminous Complexion!

Mature skin should not be made up the same way as young skin. To enhance it, the best products are lightweight, moisturizing, and provide a lot of luminosity. Avoid thick, heavy, and mattifying foundations that accentuate fine lines and enlarged pores.

Obviously, my favorite is my own louiselouise Natural Glow Foundation. I designed it specifically to address the needs of mature skin. It subtly smooths imperfections, softens fine lines, and minimizes pores. Super hydrating, it blends into the skin and becomes practically invisible, providing a transparent, glowy and luminous complexion.

Another favorite of mine is MAC's Face & Body foundation. It evens and gently smoothes the skin, like a veil, for a "second skin" effect. I like to apply it with my fingers as it suits the very fluid texture. Spread it from the center of the face towards the sides, blending it well.

Then apply a bit of colorless powder wherever you want to control shine, especially on the "T-zone" (nose and forehead), but also wherever you want to smooth the contours of the face and the skin's texture. At the top of my list of colorless powders is the Light Reflecting Setting Powder from Nars, in Crystal.

Concealer: Goodbye, Fatigue!

As we age, the skin becomes thinner, revealing blood vessels, especially in the under-eye area, creating bluish shadows. We look tired and dull! My favorite remedy is the Creamy Radiant Concealer from Nars. As the name suggests, its texture is extra creamy and flexible. Unlike many other concealers, this one doesn't dry out or crease but remains elastic and moisturizing. In my opinion, it's one of the best anti-aging face makeup products to blur wrinkles.

Professional tip: use only a small amount applied under and in the inner corner of the eye. Be cautious about applying it everywhere under the eye, as it may settle into fine lines and make them more visible. I like using a round and pointed brush to apply concealer rather than the applicator, which can be too laden with product.

If you want to know more, check out my article on the best anti-aging concealers.

Colorless Powder: To Soften Textures

Dark circles, aside from their color, are often also a textural issue. They become more pronounced with age due to the loss of subcutaneous fat, which gives volume and roundness to the face. Understanding that concealer can only hide color (bluish), not the texture (hollowness), is crucial. However, there's a makeup trick to address this issue...

What needs to be done is to control shine everywhere you want to "smooth out the texture." Shine accentuates texture, and reducing it provides a "smoothing" effect. For this, I like to use a colorless powder, such as Nars or Laura Mercier, because it's practically invisible.

Highlighter: To Blur Wrinkles

And what about wrinkles? Can makeup camouflage or even fill them? The answer is no, unfortunately. On the contrary, it's better to be light-handed, especially when it comes to foundation, concealer and powder. Too much product can settle into wrinkles and lines and create a "cracked" effect. Stay clear of thick and/or mattifying textures that will emphasize pores and wrinkles. Opt for flexible, light, and moisturizing foundations. My favorites are:

Obviously, my own creation louiselouise Natural Glow Foundation. After all, I created it specifically to answer to cater to the needs of mature skin.

For advanced self-makeup artists, there is a method to visually soften deep wrinkles like nasolabial folds. Take a light illuminator, like the iconic Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent, and draw a thin line exactly in the crease of your wrinkle. Then, with a blending brush, gently blend it. Be careful not to overdo it, or you might lose the effect. The illuminator can visually lift the crease of the wrinkle and make it appear less deep.

Blush: For a Radiant Look

The best anti-aging and rejuvenating blush is a matte or slightly satin blush. Shimmery blushes should be avoided at all costs because their shine accentuates even the slightest wrinkles, making you look more wrinkled!

For a fresh and rejuvenating effect, apply the blush higher on the cheekbones. Think "oblique oval" and blend well (not the '80s-style straight line ;-) ). Avoid applying blush in the hollows of the cheeks, as this could make you look tired (see the section above on facial texture). In anti-aging makeup, the goal is generally to soften facial contours rather than accentuate them.

Professional makeup tip: after applying blush, use what's left on the brush, without taking more product, to lightly brush the hollows of your eyelids. This beautifully enhances the eyes and strengthens eye color, almost without being visible as makeup.

Cream or powder blush? I find this less important, provided that the product is applied and blended well. Very dry skin types may benefit from the softer texture of a cream blush. I love the Multi-Stick from the American brand Ilia, available in many shades, each more beautiful than the other.

This is my list of favorite products for enhancing the anti-aging complexion and reducing wrinkles. These products, in my opinion, are perfectly suited to the needs of mature skin, highly effective, and therefore essential.

  • A lightweight and hydrating foundation
  • An anti-fatigue concealer
  • A superfine and colorless powder
  • A gentle highlighter
  • A healthy-looking blush

Your turn now! For more questions or personalized advice, please feel free to contact me!

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