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Une femme mature se fait maquiller le teint avec un fond de teint qui ne contient pas de SPF

Why My Foundation Doesn't Contain SPF

I’ve decided not to include SPF in my foundation!
5And my other makeup products in development won’t have it either...)

This decision goes quite radically against the current trend, where dermatologists and brands alike encourage daily sun protection, year-round, regardless of the weather.
Let me explain my reasons.

We all know the dangers of the sun. UVA and UVB rays, and even visible light, are responsible not only for skin cancer but also for premature aging. Protecting ourselves is crucial, no doubt about it. But how can we stay safe from harmful rays AND look beautiful all day long?

The idea of integrating SPF into makeup products, like foundation, seems very logical. Applying one product and, presto, killing two birds with one stone. We not only smooth and even out our complexion, giving it a lovely natural glow, but also protect ourselves from sunburn during a lunch break on a terrace, for instance.

But is this really the case? In my opinion, no!

Reason No. 1: You don’t apply enough product

The first reason why foundation with SPF does not provide adequate sun protection is the amount of product applied. For effective protection, you need to apply a LOT of product. Dermatologists recommend applying 2mg per square centimeter of skin. This translates to about a teaspoon just for your face. Your sunscreen needs to form a fairly thick layer to be effective.

However, with foundation, you want to apply as little as possible for a natural finish. You blend and spread it for a sheer look.

A thick layer of foundation accentuates imperfections and settles into fine lines, even in young women. It also looks simply outdated.

Reason No. 2: SPFs are not “clean”

A warning to those who prefer "clean" cosmetics, meaning products without toxic or controversial ingredients.
SPFs are often classified as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are chemical substances that can cause harmful effects on an organism, often at a hormonal level.

Everyone has their priorities, but for me, I don’t use sunscreen on rainy winter days or when I know I’ll spend the entire day indoors. Also, when I do evening makeup for going out, I see no point in having SPF in my foundation.

Reason No. 3: SPF must be reapplied regularly

Another issue is the question of timing. For SPF to provide real protection, it must be reapplied regularly. If you do your makeup early in the morning before heading out for the day, you won’t be protected by lunchtime.

What to do about this?
There are sunscreen products in the form of sprays, like Shiseido’s Invisible Protective Mist, that you can generously spray over your makeup. Test beforehand to see if your foundation is compatible with the product. Also, avoid the eye area to prevent smudging your mascara and creating panda eyes.

Reason No. 4: SPF in foundation gives a false sense of security

Another reason I don’t like adding SPF to makeup products is the false sense of security it can create. You think you’re protected by applying a small drop of foundation with SPF 20 or 30. In reality, you’re far from it. This can be dangerous…

Of course, on a sunny day when I plan to be outside, I apply sunscreen UNDER my foundation. I choose a 50+ factor and apply a generous amount. Ideally, I wait a few moments, then apply my foundation as usual. I take my sunscreen spray with me and reapply it regularly to my face and all exposed parts of my body.

SPF in foundation, for me, presents a series of contradictions: 

- Not enough product is applied
- SPFs are chemical products that are not “clean”
- SPFs need to be reapplied for true protection
- Using makeup with SPF gives a false sense of security

I wanted all my products to be impeccable in terms of safety and to pose no danger to my clients. No compromises regarding ingredients. My Natural Glow Foundation is perfectly clean!

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